International Conference on Mindfulness 2024

Mindfulness in a Changing World

The International Conference on Mindfulness 2024 (ICM:2024) will be in Bangor, Wales, UK on 2-6 August 2024

Join us in an extended conversation about today’s big issues. Discover how mindfulness and compassion can contribute to addressing the challenges we face. As the world and our society rapidly evolve, this is the moment to come together and explore how mindfulness can move beyond its current boundaries, reaching into areas of critical need and serving as a positive force for change.

The conference offers a unique opportunity to meet and engage with leaders in the field of mindfulness and compassion. In addition, it will include voices that have historically not had a seat at the table. This gathering will serve as a space for connection, inquiry and discussion, aimed at shaping the dialogue for the coming decades. We aim to hold the conference in a way that creates an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for all.

The conference programme will be centred around five key strands, spanning the latest research, contemplative approaches, and innovative concepts. This will include addressing the many social and global objectives for mindfulness and compassion, all aimed at enhancing our health and well-being, mitigating conflict and stress, and ultimately benefiting the planet.

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