International Conference on Mindfulness 2024

Strand 1: Scientific research, theory, and pedagogy

Scientific Research, Theory and Pedagogy

How do we examine mindfulness?

In this strand, we’ll take a big-picture look at where the mindfulness field stands in the worlds of science, research, and theory. We’ll consider the strengths and vulnerabilities of what we know about mindfulness-based approaches. There will be opportunities to hear from experienced researchers, reflect on their research experiences, and discuss where we should head next. 

Strand 1 includes but is not limited to:

  • Innovative research methods
  • Mechanisms of mindfulness
  • Pedagogy of mindfulness
  • Approaches to measuring mindfulness
  • The challenges of research methodologies in mindfulness research
  • Innovative pedagogical approaches
  • Ethics

Strand 1 begins with a Keynote from Sona Dimidijian. After this you can choose to attend either: a related panel discussion, workshop, research symposium, or guided practice, which will be held across various spaces in Bangor University’s Pontio Centre.