International Conference on Mindfulness 2024

Accessibility and Sustainability
Accessibility and Sustainability
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We aim to make the conference as widely and easily accessible as possible, and to be as sustainable as possible. There will be online access, satellite hubs internationally, live interpretation in a range of languages, and sessions will be recorded for future access.

welcoming everyone to the conference

We’re dedicated to making this conference a warm and welcoming space for everyone. Whether you’re new to conferences or just feeling a bit unsure, our team are working to help you feel comfortable and included. Everyone has something valuable to share, and your presence at the conference will only make this gathering richer.
So, come as you are! And of course, this includes all the different visible and invisible identities we each bring with us –  race, gender, sexual identity, religion, age, class, disability, neurodiversity, nationality or culture – whatever identities we have and communities we’re part of, everyone is genuinely welcome at ICM:2024.

Quiet space, affinity groups and more...

If you need a quiet place, there will be a room just for that (click on the Whitebox video below to see more).  And if you’d like to connect with folks who share similar interests, experiences or identities, we are looking into arranging affinity and interest groups you can join. We are keen to support any additional needs and accommodations, for example, if you require British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation at the conference, please get in touch to discuss further with a member of the team.

attending in-person

If you would like further information about Bangor or where to stay and eat during the conference – we have additional information on our About Bangor page. We have teamed up with several local businesses and encourage you to support the local community by booking in Bangor. You can also watch a short welcome video which includes a walkthrough of conference spaces and amenities.

Picture of Bangor University with clouds

conference spaces

Familiarise yourself with the rooms and spaces that will be used for the International Conference on Mindfulness. Click on each venue for accessibility information, sitemaps and useful links:

The conference will take place on the Bangor University campus. Visit the Bangor University Accessibility website for an overview of accessibility at the University for visitors to Bangor, including a sitemap.

Most of the conference will take place within Pontio. Visit the Pontio website (click on About then Accessibility Information) for specific details about parking, lifts, stairs and toilet facilities. Please note that there are accessible toilets at Pontio and restrooms are signposted male/female. 

You can watch walkthrough videos about Getting to Pontio and Getting Around Inside Pontio and take a Virtual Tour.

Additional conference events will take place in the nearby Main Arts Building at Bangor University. Within the Main Arts Building, Prichard-Jones (PJ) Hall will be the location for the Conference Dinner and Retreat Day, alongside Powis Hall and adjoining breakout spaces during the conference. View accessibility information here

Please note that PJ Hall also has an IR blaster however the range is limited to the first three rows on the lectern side.

Please note that Keynotes will take place in Pontio’s PL5 room which has a hearing loop. Conference Workshops will take place in Pontio’s PL2 which has an IR (infrared) blaster

The White Box, Pontio Level 2
conference quiet space

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pl2 lecture theatre, pontio level 2

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studio theatre, pontio level 2

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Our aim is to make the 2024 International Mindfulness Conference as widely and easily accessible as possible. This series of ICM:2024 insights a neurodivergent member of our EDI advisory group answers questions on neurodiversity and explains our endeavours to create a neurodivergent-inclusive conference

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ICM:2024 sustainability

Bangor_ Sustainability
We aim to keep costs for all attendees as low as possible, and to offer bursary places through sponsorship and other funding. This conference is not for profit, and jointly hosted by Bangor University and The Mindfulness Network charity. After covering the costs of the conference, any surplus will be retained in a special fund managed by the two partner organisations and used to support mindfulness teaching and research. At the conference venues themselves, as much as possible will be done to minimise environmental impact.
We also have an FAQs page.
If you still have questions about your visit then you are welcome to contact us directly via