International Conference on Mindfulness 2024


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Connection events

ICM:2024 connection events When you join us at Bangor University for ICM:2024, you’ll discover a wealth of extra options for informal networking and social interactions. In addition to the main programme, there will be an unmissable conference dinner and a chance to explore the latest research poster presentations. Planned events during the conference weekend include

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Workshops, Retreat and training

ICM:2024 workshops, retreat, and training conference workshops Delve deeper into mindfulness with in-person workshops before and after the conference, set for Friday, August 2, and Tuesday, August 6, in Bangor. These workshops focus on specific aspects of mindfulness, adding depth to your overall conference experience. Each session offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights

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Strand 4: Grassroots, real-world application, and innovation

Grassroots, real world application, and innovation How does mindfulness fit into real life? Our changing world needs new, creative, and context-specific ways to offer mindfulness. In this strand, we’ll share the joys and challenges of developing and teaching mindfulness-based programmes in everyday settings. We’ll learn from innovators working across a range of different environments and

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