International Conference on Mindfulness 2024

ICM:2024 Mindfulness in a changing world
ICM:2024 Mindfulness in a changing world
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Before the conference begins, there are several exciting pre-conference activities available for you to get a flavour of what is to come at ICM:2024 and start making connections!
These activities are offered in collaboration with the Mindfulness Network Community Friends (MNCF) – an initiative to engage the wider mindfulness community and reach new audiences. Led by a Committee of Volunteers, supported by the Mindfulness Network, we work together to run a programme of donation-based events and inspiring content. You are welcome to visit the MNCF Community site, which is open to all, for more regular opportunities to practice and learn together.


Listen in as the Conference Team and other contributors share expert insights and engage in discussions about ICM:2024 across the following podcasts:

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pre-conference events

Picture of Rebecca Crane
Rebecca Crane

Conference Chair, ICM:2024

A Summer Breathing Space: An afternoon of mindfulness practice with Rebecca Crane

Date: Saturday 29th June 2024
Time: The guided session will start at 1.30 pm and end by 5 pm
Where: Conwy, Wales or Online

One of my teachers once said that the three-step breathing space was the best invention in mindfulness practice for 2500 years! In this afternoon of guided practice, we will gather to pause, take space, and deepen our mindfulness practice. Our time will be framed around the three steps of the breathing space, that was developed as part of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy programme. We’ll spend time exploring the potential, meaning and methodology of each step. The first step is a step out of habit, out of automatic pilot and into awareness. The second step is gathering and collecting the attention. The third step is opening out from this grounded connection in a wider sense of space and connection. Collectively these three mind movements empower us to move in the world in ways that are caring, compassionate and responsive. They are vital life skills, that can be deepened and cultivated through practice.

The afternoon will include guided meditation practices, listening to some teachings, and space to reflect and dialogue in small and in the full group.

The session is freely offered and open to all who have some familiarity with mindfulness practice.

Image for Rebecca Cranes event

Fundraising for the International Conference on Mindfulness

We invite you to share any benefit you may receive from this teaching by making a donation. Our aspiration is that the International Conference on Mindfulness 2024 will inspire, resource, support and encourage mindfulness teachers and researchers to continue to develop their work and to take it to new levels of impact. We are therefore particularly keen for the conference to be accessible to those who are working with communities who haven’t historically had easy access to services such as mindfulness courses. Any donations you offer will go straight to the Conference Bursary Fund to widen access.

Remember that the Bursary Fund is for anyone who would like to participate in the conference but who cannot afford the fee. If you are one of these people, instead of donating, apply for a bursary and come to the conference.

We look forward to seeing you – maybe both at the day of practice and the conference!

affinity and interest groups

Behind the scenes, the Conference Team is exploring options for various affinity and interest groups tailored to specific interests and communities. These groups aim to bring people together in a supportive environment before, during, and after the conference to connect with folks who share similar interests, experiences or identities.

Icm:2024 community

Watch this space! Once registered for the conference, you’ll gain access to a private online community space exclusively for participants.

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